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Be it effective business management, planning, marketing, or sales, technology has changed our lives in every field. The construction industry is no exception. Professionals have started opting for construction management software tools to automate project execution. 

Such construction management software benefit the construction contractors on various levels. It smoothens the process of decision making, budgeting, task scheduling, monitoring progress, market analytics, and whatnot! So, if you are also among civil engineers or contractors or one who wants to explore the benefits of construction management software, you’re at the right place. BuildMan is a complete software solution that provides a wide range of features for you. 

What are the Problems Faced by Construction Project Manager 

The life of a construction project manager is full of challenges and roadblocks. Besides managing all the on-site operations, construction contractors have to ensure timely delivery under a fixed budget. 

Thus, construction management software is the need of the hour. But let’s first discuss the problems that project managers face on construction sites.

1. Budget Management 

According to McKinsey & Company, 98% of construction projects suffer cost overruns. The construction contractors have to make a foolproof budget estimation plan in the pre-construction phase itself, keeping the contingencies in mind, to meet the project deliverables. 

But lack of precision, poor oversights, delayed cash flow, or even a miscalculation could affect the project management. So, the industry requires proper management software.

2. Time Management

McKinsey & Company has also estimated that 77% of construction projects fail to meet the deadline. Due to factors like unavailability of materials, delayed paperwork, untimely follow-up with various stakeholders, civil engineers, etc., contribute to poor time management of construction projects.

3. Unspecified Objectives

Before starting any project, devising concrete goals is necessary. However, civil contractors sometimes fail to meet the deadlines and other requirements of the projects due to poor communication and collaboration with the stakeholders. 

Every stakeholder must be on-boards with a specific timeline for project completion. Otherwise, unrealistic expectations and challenges are sure to arise. 

4. Improper Hazard Preparedness

The construction industry involves various risk factors like injuries, accidents, and even deaths. Safety management is also a responsibility of the project manager. Due to a lack of planning and preparedness, safety issues also become a major hindrance in construction project management. 

Benefits of Construction Management Software

Construction management software has proven to be a boon for project managers.  

Here are a few benefits of project management software that can remove most of the construction challenges. More details on how Construction Project Manager Benefit from Technology, can be read in this detailed blog.

1. Facilitates Effective Communication and Collaboration

Communication is key to conducting any task. However, poor communication between stakeholders and on-site workers could make it an impossible feat. 

It directly affects the planning and execution of construction contractors and engineers. So, with the implementation of construction management software, the collaboration between external stakeholders, construction companies, and workers becomes smooth. It enables qualitative communication by offering various features like shared calendars, task prioritisation, etc.

2. Establishes Realistic Budgets

Budgeting can also be planned efficiently using construction management software. It enables the civil contractors to estimate previous similar project costs, besides the resources and construction methods involved. 

The automated invoice system, budget dashboard, and time tracking tools of the project management software also help in better budgeting, considering various aspects of the project. 

3. Regulates Better Document Sharing and Control

Construction management software streamlines document management which is very difficult to do manually in construction projects. But the centralized document control system makes it manageable for civil engineers. 

Digital documentation reduces the scope of errors significantly and makes sharing and accessing documents less time-consuming. If you further want to know How Software Can Help You Keep Your Construction Projects Organized, check this detailed blog on it.

4. Better Resource Management

The resources involved in a construction project need constant monitoring and maintenance. Any contingency or fault in the resources involved can disturb the budget and revenue estimation of the project. 

However, the project management software makes the resource tracking process much more organized. Data generated in one project can also be saved and utilized in future projects to save time, labour, and cost.

5. Business Expansion

With better management of funds, documentation, and workflow, companies using construction software management have better scope for growing their business. Civil contractors using the most sought-after technology for construction projects could handle more projects at a time. 

Ultimately, efficient management with automation tools and less expenditure generates a better return on investment and business expansion becomes feasible.

Buildman: Your Construction Project Management Software

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So, without any further ado, build the most manageable team with this project management software and make all your construction plans successful. Subscribe to us and get access to our free trial version now.


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