Frequently Asked Questions

BuildMan is an advanced software solution that can be used by Builders, Contractors, Supervisors, Project Management Consultants, Architects, and others in a similar field. The software is available for anyone who undertakes turnkey projects or belongs to the construction industry for effective management of the project.

When it comes to purchasing a good construction management software, one must ensure to choose one that fulfills all or almost all of their requirements. This includes features like vendor management, purchase management, Site management, client management, and much more.
They must also consider the pricing of various plans. This can help them decide which one they must opt for. BuildMan makes such a choice easier as there is a wide range of features available that enable smooth functioning of a project, and helps to identify and prevent any delays.

Yes, there is a trial period for Buildman that offers the users the ability to check out the various features of the construction management software. The trial period is of 7 days after which one won’t be able to use the software unless they take up a plan. They can either try it out on their own or bring in up to 5 of their teammates to collaborate.

No, when you purchase a construction management software - Buildman, you do not have to pay any extra costs. All the plans that are available, whether monthly or yearly, have a fixed price for the plans offered. Also, no costs incurred on the user’s side.

BuildMan is a construction management software that offers its users a variety of plans to opt for. There are two segments in which they can proceed, one is the monthly plan and the other is the yearly plan. In both, there is a trial period of 7 days which is absolutely free. For monthly or yearly plans, they must select one of the two options:
1. Business Plan
2. Premium Plan

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