Interesting Contractor Statistics That You Must Know in 2022

Contractor Statistics to know in 2022

Being in the construction industry invites a bunch of challenges where staying up to date becomes a responsibility. To stand by your construction goals, we’ve got you the top interesting contractor statistics that will keep you updated with all construction industry trends and stats. These statistics will keep you covered with the current scenario of the construction industry, worker demographics, industrial yield prediction, and its growth. Furthermore, this blog will give you insights on how you can work upon these trends to improve your construction business. 

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Construction Industry Growth

The growth of the construction industry always demands more. The rise in population has led to more construction demands hence there is an expected hike in industrial growth. 

Construction Revenue

The construction industry always holds a great contribution to the global as well as local economy of a nation. Here are some contractor statistics that share global revenue from the construction industry.

Construction Costs

Construction costs are rising globally which can be a hurdle to the profitability of construction projects. One should focus on hiring skilled workers and the budgets should be passed with precise attention.

Construction Jobs

The COVID-19 pandemic did contribute to labor shortages in the industry but over time, unemployment rates have experienced a decline. When compared to the time during the pandemic, a slight increase in the labor force can be observed. The below contractor statistics are an explanation of it:

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