Best Movies to Watch Related to Construction Industry

Let's be honest. There is a disappropriate lack of film about the construction industry. Construction is somewhere in the middle, as there aren't many movies with structure as the main focus, but our industry is well-represented in key aspects of major motion pictures. For every hundred movies out there, you can find only one movie related to construction or even less than that. 

The automobile industry surely has many movies showing advanced cars; however, you will rarely find any blockbuster in the construction segment. However, few movies showcase amazing constructions, civil contractors, construction sites, and even construction contractors. Here are as follows-

Here Are Some Famous Construction Industry Movies To Watch

1. Casino Royale 

Casino Royale is a movie related to the construction industry that showcased a British secret service agent James Bond as a mean and killing person. This movie introduced Daniel Craig as 007 and Parkour as one of the weirdest action sports. The opening chase scene shown in the movie took place over the building site 200 feet above the ground. Actor Daniel Craig took part in all the stunts by himself.  

2. The Dark Knight 

We all agree that the second installment of director Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy is the best comic book movie. Gotham and the buildings are more than the backdrops to Batman vs. Joker. Their roles are more significant than most famous characters. We can see Chicago's old post office lobby serving as the mob bank joker's crew robs in the opening scene. When filming at Trump Tower, the director showed the under construction in real life Chicago just as it appeared in fictional Gotham. This gave a perfect frame to the film's The Dark Knight final fight and, therefore, is the right entry into one of the best construction industry movies on this list. 

3. Locke 

Here comes the next movie based on the construction industry. Locke's movie is based on chronicling a drive from Birmingham to London and featuring the only single character on screen, i.e., Ivan Locke, a successful construction foreman. During this driving scene, the actor carries on 36 phone calls and manages a huge concrete pour set to take place the next morning. This movie is a perfect pick for all the project managers or civil engineers who work in the construction industry. People can relate to the complications of coordinating road closures to ensure that more than 200 trucks can pass through via a call with an assistant. 

4. Die Hard

Die Hard is everyone’s favorite Christmas movie and is set in real LA's fictional Nakatomi Tower. It is also one of the known movies devoted to the construction industry. However, in reality, the half-built tower is a Fox plaza, a real-century city landmark. Here the director took full advantage of the building's under construction status, showing off the tower's guts and shooting scenes on unfinished floors. The tower was so popular in the early screenings that movie posters were modified to give it as much real estate as the other stars of the movie, such as Bruce Wills. 

Die Hard Movie Building

5. Mr. Mom

Mr. Momis one of the classic movies mentioned in this list of the construction industry. It is one of the crucial and essential movies about construction. Of course, construction encompasses more than just famous structures. We all can recollect the scene when the chainsaw-wielding Jack explains what kind of wiring he will be using during the renovation. Many claim that Keaton and Martin Mull ad-libbed the line. 


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